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Lamborghini Gallardo - The Dream Shoot

Lamborghini Gallardo - The Dream Shoot

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Lamborghini Gallardo - The Dream Shoot

A studio shoot quite often involves hours of staring at a vehicle, studying its gorgeous lines and all the details the manufacturer has endowed upon the car. It usually ends with loading the car back on a trailer while everyone dreams of driving it on that perfect road, with perfect weather and enjoying the car by using it for what it was intended. The planets must have aligned because today was one of those days.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


The day started with a long drive up to the studio, it really isn't that far but LA traffic makes it seem like a three state haul. We arrived a little early so we had time to really adjust to the studio. Those of you who read the View Finder Article on the Miura shoot know that walking into the studio is like leaving this world and stepping into another plane. When the Lamborghini Gallardo Roadster showed up it was looking rather dirty but still awe inspiring. This particular car is from their press fleet and so lives a much harder life than the average Lambo.

After giving the car a quick cleaning, it's amazing how much brake dust 520 horsepower creates, we rolled the car into the studio. The Pearl white paint looks amazing under the studio lights. This car has many good angles it really shows different personalities from different views.

This shoot went relatively quick, the shots came really easy and no real problems to speak of. In the next View Finder we will give a complete breakdown of the shoot. This time we will try and focus more on the hardware used in the shoot; cameras, lenses, etc.

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Along with a view finder article, you will also be seeing a driving impressions article. Yep, after the shoot we were handed the keys and told to have some fun with the Gallardo. A real world test of a Lamborghini isn't something you often see. We drove it on city streets with road construstion, sat in traffic and even made it to the beach. We considered doing some donuts in the sand, but figured we'll wait for Lambo to re-release their SUV before doing that.

You will want to read the article, but for a quick teaser, the car is awesome. It's obviously fast, that is the first question anyone asks. The real interesting bit si just how driveable it is. Other exotics I have been in are extremely uncomfortable. You never feel at home in them. This Lambo however, you get in and drive it just like any other car. Visibility is good, it's easy to drive, it sits in traffic, it does everything you could do in Audi A4. What the A4 won't do however is sound as perfect as this thing. The V10 Wails with an angry bark that is so aggressive yet so musical. The throttle blips on the downshifts are just amazing. We will have video to go with the review because I just can't do justice to the sound of this car.

Keep watching for the articles, these are going to be good.

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