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Why Lamborghinis are my favorite cars in the world
No Compromise Posted March 10 2009 03:40 PM by kfunke

So I was sitting here the other day on Yahoo! News, reading about all the amorous intrigue surrounding the latest season of The Bachelor, when a news release popped up in my e-mail inbox from the Lamborghini Press...

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Part 1: The dilemma
Progression of an automotive enthusiast Posted February 25 2009 09:16 AM by dougn

The past few months I’ve been doing some very serious thinking about my lifetime of car experiences. Ownership ups and downs, my usual modus operandi, the trends and marques I’ve followed, and ultimately what I really...

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wet weather driving
Feels like raindrops Posted February 6 2009 12:53 PM by kfunke

It’s raining across Southern California. There’s a saying here that when it rains in L.A., everyone starts driving faster. And people out here drive fast as hell even when it’s completely dry.

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The Polo is coming Posted January 22 2009 04:23 PM by dougn

With gas prices back in check, VW North America just announced their intention to bring the VW Polo across the pond to us.......

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Holiday presents
The best holiday present ever Posted January 15 2009 05:02 PM by kfunke

With the holidays behind us--according to news reports, one of the slowest holiday shopping seasons in history--I've been reflecting on some of the TV advertising I saw during my much needed vacation time.

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what time is it anyway? Posted January 10 2009 07:46 PM by lesbidrawn

Nitto tire invited us to japan. they said it was for the tokyo auto salon. in truth, i think im here because they simply like to party. cant really fault a company for that.

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Porsche Panamera
Butt Fugly Posted December 22 2008 11:44 AM by lesbidrawn

One of my favorite toys was this thing called Transformers. This was way before the mass-marketed, Hasbro-Bandai-sponsored-find-them-in-your-happymeal-toy of today. My Transformers was essentially a hot plate incased in a...

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vehicle badges
Badge hunters wanted Posted December 16 2008 11:12 AM by kfunke

As Americans we seem to have this obsession with vehicle badging. By that I mean model designations. In my years of driving in the greater Los Angeles area I’ve seen some pretty amazing examples of false advertising.

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car dealerships
What rhymes with "Dealership"? Posted December 9 2008 05:30 PM by lesbidrawn

Dealership, wheelership, feelership, zealership, holymonkeyshipt, fukcmeuptheship. I'm playing the word game, one of the obessive-compulsive behaviors that deserves medication. And I've got it too, right in my desk in...

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Who needs Ethanol Posted October 29 2008 01:25 AM by agelinas

The silver lining in the cloud of high gas prices is that more people became aware of diesel technology and its potential. Automotive consumer’s interests in diesel piqued and thus European manufacturers accelerated their...

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iDrive X5
When iDrive drives you crazy! Posted September 21 2008 09:40 PM by agelinas

Sometimes simpler is better. But in BMW’s attempt to simplify the technology in the iDrive they have made it more difficult. Replacing numerous buttons with one large one has made accessing CD or radio and volume control a...

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audi, bmw
turbo vs. na Posted September 8 2008 01:31 PM by lesbidrawn

Is Audi missing the boat?

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classic wheel
wheel styling Posted August 18 2008 01:40 PM by lesbidrawn

i found a set of genuine halibrand mags at a local garage sale. the lady had no idea what they were worth. i made what i thought was a fair offer and she said it was way too much. i ended up getting these for less than a...

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gran turismo 5 prologue
Game On Posted May 6 2008 11:55 AM by MFEBBO

Like most car guys, I got Gran Turismo 5 Prologue the day it came out. The funny thing is that I didn't even have to go wait in line to get it. My fiancé was nice enough to buy me a copy on her lunch break(yes, I am that...

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