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Automotive OCD: Corner Spot Parking


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The first step to overcoming an addiction is to admit you have a problem. So, this is it.

I am addicted to parking at corner spots.

But really, I'm not about to fight my obsessive-compulsive addiction to corner spots. In fact, as deranged as it may be, I'd like to think that it's the reason my car has gone relatively ding-free these past couple of years. From trekking across the parking lot in the heat, cold, and rain--it's taken a lot of work to protect my car from door-swinging hoons.

Chatting with a buddy of mine, who we can simply call Bob, I came to the realization how obsessed I am about finding the perfect corner spot. Every day at little before 9AM (or a little after, if traffic is bad), I pull into work, back my car up and park at the same spot (unless someone takes it, then I park in a backup corner spot, but I digress...). Bob suggested that I was a creature of habit, and while I'm sure my routine tendencies are partly to blame, here are my psychoanalytical tips for perfect parking:

1. Corner spots are awesome. It at least guarantees that one side of the car will be ding-free.

2. Park closer to the protected side to free up more space between you and the car next to you. Most of the time, this strategy does work; however, in my years of experience, I have also come to the conclusion that many drivers don't gauge parking by the lanes clearly marked on the asphalt, they gauge it by the distance to the other car. Pretty frustrating, but you just have to do the best you can. Oh, and be careful not to curb your wheels.

3. Park next to the neighboring car's passenger side. This one is a little tricky and depends much on the environment, really. Since I'm at work, I figure no one really carries a passenger. Thus, no passenger, no door opening and closing, hence no dings. Then again, if there is a passenger, you run a higher chance of getting dinged since passengers usually don't care as much about the car they're entering or exiting as the drivers do. It's a gamble.

4. Tree=shade. Shade=good. My paint likes shade. Or I like shade for my paint. Either way, trees are great, as long as they don't ooze sap or set you up for a bird-poop-a-looza.

5. Avoid SUVs, vans, or anything that looks to be a family vehicle. Kids are great and all, but kids will be kids and then you kiss your ding-free panel goodbye.

6. Don't park next to cars that are falling apart. They're falling apart for a reason.

7. Back up into a spot. It's easier and safer when you're pulling out.

You may or may not think my ways are crazy, but there have been instances of people approaching me when I'm near my car and acknowledging my parking efforts. I know I'm not the only one in the world who puts this much thought and care into parking.

Are you one of numerous car enthusiasts to also suffer from Corner Spot OCD?

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