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European Cars versus Japanese Cars

European Cars versus Japanese Cars

European Cars versus Japanese Cars

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European Cars versus Japanese Cars

"For some reason, Civic are drawn to M3s. They sniff at the BMW like dogs in heat with hip spasms.
     Usually, I shoo them away; I have better things to do than play Joe Racecar. Not above it, mind you, just more inclined to throwing down with cars of the same genus." --May 2007 Resonator

Being a car enthusiast, it's pretty common come across rivalries within different segments of the scene, from domestics and imports, competing automakers, to European cars and Japanese cars.

And I don't get it.

In his editorial, Les emphasizes that he's not above Civics with his M3; however, he also compares them to "dogs in heat with hip spasms"--not really a flattering simile if you ask me. It also got me wondering about what specifications constitute cars of the same genus. Do cars have to have a matching price tag, emblem or irreverent snootiness to belong in the same class? I've seen some econo-compacts and luxury sedans beat sports cars. So what now? Many European automakers thrive off of the image of German-engineered high-end luxury cars, while many Japanese automakers market economy, affordability, and quality, but if it was left up to me, performance, if anything, would determine "cars of the same genus."

I've come across fans of specific brands, and their corresponding haters, too. I've heard people express their dislike for Hondas and VWs solely based on the fact that they were Hondas and VWs. Still, I don't get it. Don't we all belong to the same auto enthusiast genus?

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