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gran turismo 5 prologue

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Like most car guys, I got Gran Turismo 5 Prologue the day it came out. The funny thing is that I didn't even have to go wait in line to get it. My fiancé was nice enough to buy me a copy on her lunch break(yes, I am that lucky).  Now for a review of the game.

I have been a huge fan of Gran Turismo since the first edition on PS1. I have spent countless hours sitting in front of my TV and I am now such a "turbo nerd" I have a seat and Logitech force feedback wheel in my living room. The set-up is nice, but I have heard that the new wheel is even better.

I had an opportunity to demo prologue at SEMA last year and I left extremely impressed. I think the graphics on the release version are even better than I remember. The in car view is astounding with full dash boards and even the drivers arms. Outside the car, the views are equally as amazing. Those of us who have been playing HD for months will be surprised at the big jump in quality.

The driving physics in Prologue have improved upon what was already a great physics engine. The car moves realistically and behaves very much like the real thing. I have heard several complaints about the physics being too fake. I have a feeling most of the complainers are confusing it with too realistic. These are the guys that go into a turn standing on brakes and yank the wheel to one side and expect the car to turn. Tell ya what, get in your car, go to a track, get up to 80mph, lay into the brakes and jerk the wheel. Tell me how that turns out for you.

The few complaints I have with Prologue is the lack of tracks. I realize this is Prologue it isn't supposed to be a full version. Unfortunately however, they didn't include any of my favorite tracks. The selection of cars is good, but I am annoyed you are forced to buy certain cars to compete in a single race.

This leads me to my next point. I like driving in Gran Turismo, I am not a huge race fan. Would it be completely outside the realm of possibility to just give me everything in the beginning? Maybe I just want to turn on the game, pick any car I want and drive it wherever I want. I get annoyed at running race after race, I paid for the entire game, give to me.

My problems with the entire video game paradigm aside, this is by far the best and most accurate driving simulator ever. I  can't wait for the full version, I am just not looking forward to the hours I will have to spend to drive all the cars I am looking forward too.

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