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dinan bmw m6

Git yer gun, Bob

dinan bmw m6

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Where the *** are we? I have no clue but we got there real fast.

dinan m6 s3

Just a few miles from the spot James Dean bought it is this little road called Bitterwater (I think). The Tiguan's nav system sees it....sometimes. In any case I've come here to drive the Dinan M6 S3, all 672 hp of it.
Bitterwater is the ultimate in country back roads...there's NO ONE here. Just a few cows and the odd coyot for 60 square miles.
After 5 minutes at 185mph i realize ive gotta piss...bigtime. we pull over into an open field. it looks like a good place to snap a few pics.
an hour goes by until a truck passes.
"whatcha all doin...takin pichers?"
i say yes and he waves me off.
a few minutes later another truck passes. these guys look nervous.
"what are you guys doing, takin pictures?"
i say yes and they look behind them like they're expecting godzilla to crest the hill.
"Ya'll wanna be careful...this here is Bob Grant's property.....he aint gonna like this."
yeah, big deal. i'm taking pictures in an empty lot. shoot me.
i can see a lone figure on a hill about 2 miles west of me. through my 500mm lens i can see he's holding something. it's either a big stick or a .50 caliber Barrett sniper rifle.
it's time to leave.

more to come

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