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dinan bmw m6

Testing the Dinan M6

dinan bmw m6

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We've just bolted from Bob Grant's "Waco" compound. This really makes me the middle of bum-fuck-nowhere, some guy is actually concerned about 10 feet of dirt. whatever.

Dinan M6 cornering

we get back in the Dinan M6 and decide to put serious space between us and Mr. Grant. This is what the Dinan M6 was made for...covering long distances in impossibly short time.
Five minuets later we are 10 miles away. Huge flocks of crows descend from the powerlines, misjudge our speed and fly right into the windshield. it sounds like a bowling ball has hit the windscreen. but nothing is broke and we continue.
Despite its size, the Dinan M6 handles like a proper sports car. With more than 20 years of professional race experience, Steve Dinan tunes his cars to stay planted no matter what speed. I ask him to slide around a corner...he kinda frowns and then says ok.
A few seconds later he blows through the turn at 80mph...i dive into the bushes thinking he's just thrown 200 grand away.
the M6 barely moves from its wild drift crap. i'm both dissapointed and amazed. I'm also picking nettles out of my socks for the next hour.
more to come

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