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Who needs Ethanol

Who needs Ethanol

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Who needs Ethanol

The silver lining in the cloud of high gas prices is that more people became aware of diesel technology and its potential. Automotive consumer’s interests in diesel piqued and thus European manufacturers accelerated their plans to bring diesel cars to the United States for sales. The problem supporters of diesel technology face is convincing the American public that the technology is clean, reliable and most of all fast. Just like Transformers there is more to diesel that meets the eye. Diesel needs to lose the stigmata that surrounds it, e.g. that big black cloud of exhaust or excessive tail pipe emissions.

What makes modern diesel engine unique? They produce less greenhouse gases and have increased fuel economy when compared to a gasoline equivalent. Most modern diesel engines can run on three different types of fuel petro-diesel, bio-diesel, and synthetic- diesel. As a society we are looking for alternatives to power our future, with diesels versatility and reduced emissions it is the perfect stepping stone.

Each type of diesel fuel brings us one step closer to energy independence. Petro-diesel is widely available and will allow us to reduce the amount of foreign oil we use by about 20-30% due to the increased fuel economy, and with an added bonus of reduced greenhouse emissions. Moving from petro-diesel to synthetic diesel will help reduce the demands of foreign oil even further. Synthetic diesel can be manufactured from almost anything garbage, wood ,sewage, straw, corn(no need for ethanol), natural gas and coal things the US has allot of. While synthetic diesel is promising source, bio-diesel is the holy grail made from animal fats or vegetable oil it is 100% renewable and further reduce greenhouse emission by 50%.

There is no way change the vehicles that are already on the road, but switching to and demanding more diesel vehicles from auto manufactures is the next step in the evolution of the daily commute. Like gas engine diesel engine can also be converted to hybrids to even increase their range even further. If we invest resources and time facilities that can be up and running in the very near future, diesel can be used or made from natural resources that are abundant in the US like coal and natural gas. Diesel has the potential to also be a 100% renewable resource that is ultimately better for the environment.

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