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Part 5: The End Game

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Part 5: The End Game

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Part 5:  The End Game

Well, the plan was set, and I was in a rather pleasant holding pattern. .....

I thought would continue enjoying my nicely modified project car (see Project Z4M elsewhere on this website) for another year before taking “the BIG step up”. However, a call from my Porsche dealer completely changed everything

The information I received was that the North American allocation for the new 2010 Porsche GT3 had been moved up by a few months. A limited number of cars for the would be available early starting in late June (May and June build dates), and some Canadian Cars would be available by late July (June and July build dates). F.Y.I., the original release date for the North American market was late September/early October. It seemed that the Europeans were holding on to their wallets due to the world economic downturn, so the North American markets were bumped up in the production order.

2010 GT3

Well over a year ago, I had secured the number one place on the list to order the new 2010 GT3 at my local dealer. This would be my first (and only!) brand new Porsche, so I figured I had better make it a good one! My original plan, before the early production call, was to take delivery in the spring of 2010 and perhaps even take advantage of the European delivery opportunity. Now, all of this was out-the-window!

My dealer gave me about 5 days, to decide if I wanted this early allocation, to select my options, and to sign on the dotted line. Fortunately, this would allow me to put my Z4M Coupe up for sale in the sweet spot of the “spring sports car sales window”, from about April 15 to June 1, in my neck-of-the-woods. The downside, however, was the fact that there were three possibly important options that were not available for this early production run. The first was European delivery, as I had planned. Second, the new front end air lift option which allows one to increase the front ride height by about 30 mm at low speeds to protect the front spoiler lip from scraping on ramps and driveways, etc. And third, were the new dynamic engine mounts which would have been a no brainer had they been available. I decided to go ahead with my order as all three points were not deal breakers for me. Sure, Euro delivery would have been fun, but there are plenty of other great things to do and see in Europe that can be done with a rental car. As for the other two, again no biggie, aftermarket lift kits are already available should the need arise (no pun intended!), and the OEM dynamic engine mounts can be retrofitted later, according to my sources. Still, the Porsche option list for the new GT3 (or for any other model for that matter) is rather daunting, and one can really run up a tab if you don’t give it your complete attention. One has to really draw the line and say to yourself, “what do I really want, and what can I do without ?” I tend to stick to more functional improvements, so day/night mirrors and rain sensor were selected, having had this option on my Z4M Coupe and vowing never to do without given the choice. Smooth leather steering wheel and shift knob were must haves as well, as I find the standard alcantera very slippery, and I am not a “glove-guy”. I did consider the only performance upgrade available at the time, the very expensive ceramic brake package, but decided that the standard brakes were now sufficiently upgraded. Also, I would likely go through brakes more frequently than most, being the track junkie that I am, and I could buy several rounds of new rotors and pads for the large additional cost. And then all that was left to do, was to pick a color.  Easy, classic GT Silver. 


2010 GT3

I signed on the dotted line five days later, and began my long three month wait. In the meantime, my Z4M Coupe has sold in less than a month, smack in the middle of the “spring sports car sales window” just as I had predicted, and now I'm sports-car-less in the thick of the track season. I am quite confident the new machine will be worth the wait. Damn, only seven more weeks to go!

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