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Audi D3 S8

Bizarroland: 4C19H or D3S8?

Audi D3 S8

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Audi D3 S8

I knew my bud'd been alookin, I did.  But he's always alookin.  Welp, he gone and done it...  '09 Daytona Gray over Black / Silver with deviated stitching.  Carbon Fiber baby.  Got the call it'd landed hours prior and RUN out the door dinner in hand I went (on kitchen plate, mind you - literally).

4C19H, yeah that's the ticket.  D3S8 just seems too similar to my D2S8, see.  It ain't.  An enTIRELY different experience.  I kept reminding myself that my car is based upon a 1993 chassis and getting out of this 4C19H and into mine is akin to getting out of mine and into a car from 1977.

Parked next to mine it is an interesting paradigm shift.  Mine looking sleaker, more taught, more slung.  His looking neuvomodern, beefy, badass.  And them 20's relegate me meager 18s to looking like 15inchers.  Interesting tho, he was quick to remark how gnarly mine looked next to his, and how much lower / slung he thought it was - funny how much difference 2" of hub height off ground makes.  Then there are things like the running lights - LED clusters in the 'high beam' area that dim to a less bright setting when the headlights come on.  Oh and exit lighting when you get out and shut the door - the fog lights come on.  Quite new fangled fersure.

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After only sitting in one @ the Streets of Tomorrow RS4 whisker poke yearses back - the first thing that came to mind was OH MY how much stuff there is around you that can (WILL) break.  Well, all 'that' was immediately confirmed once again fast forward to this time.  SCARY complicated these things are.  Waytoomuch gizmonatry going on here for my tastes - but hey I'd SUFFER!  B&O speaker grilles are seemingly hewn from billet, and 'ting' a deep ting when flicked.  Fit, finish, and materials execution in here is specatabular.

Keyless Go or whatever Audi calls it leaves keys in your pocket, kinda cool.  Hit the START button and summon up 10cyl of fury.  Drive by wire elicits OMG rev response.  WTF's this thing - a STREET BIKE?  Reciprocating innards made of antigravity?  Noweight flywheel possibly?  Goose REV goose REV... silly fun!  Man this thing sure emits *quite* the hooliganastic exhaust _bark!_... teee heee!  No secret what's goin on here nope.

Select Tip and paddles are your friend.  I like the dedicated paddle arrangement here vs. BMW's double-redundant system personally - lefty down righty up.  No throttle blippy on downshifts tho, that is a glaring omission IMnsHO - que sera sera.  Cut the wheel left @ the bottom of his driveway to depart... and...  "bling" - POOF appears an incandescentesque 'turning' light out left front yonder.  Without the turn signal on.  Eeerie.  It's like Kazoo from the Jetsons is there illuminating your way, takes some getting used to certainly.

We troll along for warm up and meander down the road as I take in the suspension transitions side to side, brake feel, etc. Both beyond good.  In swerving so, the steering wheel shudders - oh yeah that's the Lane Departure Warning googad thingamajig.  Wonder how it knows?  Cross the double yellow he tells me.  Nothing.  No, CROSS the double yellow he beckons again.  OK, there it is...  only... to immediately round the corner (nearly in other lane) to Johnny Law and a Click It Or Ticket checkpoint.  HaHA d'oh!  Turn left! he suggests...  car share's a tag mit one of his other junkers for time being it seems.  Phew, escape unscathed but boy I bet 'that' didn't look TOO obvious.

Backroad bliss here on out, it's WOT time (my favorite time).  WOT snarls a deep and agitated intake bark - addictive.  Thrust is immense and tach sweep a blur.  At or about the 5k orso range golllllllyyyy is there a huge burst 'o powah as I hurtle toward 7k.  Seven grand, 10cyl, and a thousand valves or there abouts - oh my.  Six speeds?  Scoff - I'll take 3 thanks!

Fun's over all too quick, no plate means no highway and we've both people to do things to see... hmmm... or something like that?  Return back to his cave.  His cave sucks - it's like looking into the future for me.  We've effectively got the same 'stuff', just his is uber and mine's, well - not:

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Peekaboo! I dug this shot, unfor. the lighting didn't work as good as I'd hoped:

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That's that, for now.  FULL Just Not Right 4C19H WOT run to follow - stay tooned for a D2/D3 chasedown and some proper compare / contrast fodder.  Should be, umm...  fun!

Paulie likey Paulie wanty.  Def. on 'the list' acoupla depreciative years down ze road yes...

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