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My boss, "Mr Crusty"

My boss, "Mr. Crusty"

My boss, "Mr Crusty"

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 I was exactly seven minutes early for work on Monday morning, and I as walked past the office kitchen I was informed by another minion that “old man Bidrawn” was already looking for me.

“This can’t be good” I thought, quickly tossing my work bag on to my desk. His nose was already completely out of joint when I told him last week that I had taken delivery of most every European Car Guy’s “Holy Grail” of sportscars, the 2010 Porsche GT3, this example to be the subject of European Car Magazine’s next exciting project car series. “Mr. Crusty’s” (as we affectionately refer to him) grumpiness during the world economic downturn seemed to increase proportionally to the market index decrease, and with his retirement looming, he had evolved over the past several months to somewhere between completely fowl and borderline nasty; I was not looking forward to this Monday morning encounter. I popped my head around the corner of his open office door, to check if he was alive, and sure enough he was there gazing of his 11th floor corner office window. I rapped loudly on his door and he turned quickly with jerk, muttering some vulgar curse under his breath in the process. Once he got me in to focus and remembered who I was, he began bellowing instructions at near the top of his “rev limit”. When the “fog” had cleared after his full 3 minute rant, I politely excused myself to the solitude of my office to decipher and digest his rather loud and characteristically vague instructions.

Reading completely between the lines, he had insisted that I use my new GT3 to create some fresh edit for the magazine; fair enough we had already discussed this last week. However, with times being tough, internal cash and sponsors tight, he had insisted that I should get the job done anyway, and I had better make it “bloody good”. The problem here is the lack of cash flow. After selling off every piece and vehicle of every current car project that I had in my possession on eBay, as well going to “the Tower” (the wife!) for additional funding and trading, my birthday, Christmas, and future car modification funds for the next 20+ years, I’m afraid I had blown my budget all in a oner.

With no spare cash, an extremely aware wife, and a rather ornery boss to please, I have to get creative. Where do I find “free” money? Then it struck me. I remembered that eBay was giving away “cash” for special car guy projects in their Video Contest to Find the Ultimate Automotive Enthusiast. The top prize in each of 4 different categories are $2500 eBay Motors Gift Certificates. All you need to do is create a video explaining why your current vehicle project is so unque and submit it before the deadline on August 31st, 2009. Check it out at .  

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