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Cabin Fever…..Spring Fever….Sports Car Fever!

Cabin Fever…..Spring Fever….Sports Car Fever!

Cabin Fever…..Spring Fever….Sports Car Fever!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve waiting what seems like a very long time to get my dormant European sports car back out on the road for the season. You lucky folk, living in the southern USA, can either skip down to the next Blog, or hang in and hear all about the excitement that occurs at this time every year, plus or minus a couple of weeks. 

 The winter in North America was extra harsh this year in the snow belts and beyond, thus creating even more anticipation and excitement for driving something with high quality road feel and intoxicating zip. The old 4X4, junkie winter beater, or the wife’s wagon just loses its charm half way through winter. For the car guy, or gal, the first real signs of Spring are the days getting slowly but surely longer, coming with it some additional sunshine. Snow and ice build up on lawns and at the side of the road begins to melt into the soil and melt water flows into the drains. Next are the sights and sounds of other sports cars back on the road, which can be frustrating if the snow and ice in your neighborhood is still too dicey to allow you to venture out of your driveway.

While the snow and ice are melting there a plenty of other “sports car” things you can get up to in order to grow that excitement further. One can spend hours planning your mods for the year on the internet: wheels, tires, brakes, suspension, and power upgrades, the world is your oyster, no matter what model you drive, these days. Or perhaps, you are in the market for a new ride this year, with plans to take delivery when the roads are up to snuff. The downside of this “indoor activity” is the fact that you will have to apply to “The Tower” to get funded for such expenditures, if your spouse or significant other has equal control of the purse strings. It can be tough, but you’ll pull through.

A little Spring cleaning of your pride and joy in the driveway on a nice sunny day is great to get the juices flowing, too. Running your hands over that fine machine, will further build the excitement. Check the fluids, tire pressures, and maintenance schedule, this all part of the “snowbelt car guy” ritual. Then, something amazing happens, it might not happen for a couple of weeks, but the snow is finally off the streets and highways, …its time. Yes, its time to jump in and go for that first drive of the year. Maybe you are sneaking in an early one before winter’s last blast… doesn’t matter, you’ve waited a long time for this “fix”.

There is something special, almost magical, about that first drive of the season in your trusty sports car. Not quite the first drive ever feeling, but very close, and the fact that you know it happens every year is truly something to look forward to.

Anyway, new snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, the roads are currently clear, so I’m definitely out of here……

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